At Pumba Safari Cottages we have six cozy rooms, offering the beast deal for a lodge by Queen Elizabeth national park. Each cottage has comfortable beds that can be set up as a twin, double or single room as well as a triple bed option for four of the cottages. Attached to each bed is a mosquito net with a door for easy access to keep you safe from mosquito bites.

For the interior decorations we use local materials and crafts in the design to create a cozy setting. In the rooms in our Queen Elizabeth NP Lodge you find hangers for your things as well as luggage stands to store your bags.

All our cottages are self-contained having a bathroom with shower with warm water. To heat the water we use solar water heaters combined with fire wood when needed. There is electricity in all rooms so that you can charge your phones and cameras without problem.

We have verandas with seats on all cottages so that you can enjoy the nature around and relax after your adventures in Queen Elizabeth national park. Each veranda has a roof so you can be in the shade during the warm hours of the day.




- We can help you plan your tailor made Uganda safari including nights at Pumba Safari Cottages. 

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